Denim Love


Karen Foster Denim Pockets Paper

I am making the move to WordPress, and trying to figure out this place, it is very different from my Blogspot!  I will be learning for a while, but will get it soon!  I don’t know how to control my picture placements correctly yet, but soon, I will! 🙂 Also all my posts are not yet transferred, so if you click on any of the side bars, you will not get much.

It has been a long summer, and I have not been able to craft as I would like, but I have plenty of things on their way, I will host an Upcycle blog hop next month here to kick off my new blog, and a big swap in October that’s always so exciting! 

I was trying to get my groove back with these denim looking cards, I’m still not back there yet,  I need to  keep my hands in it, so that  it will come back soon!    I miss the heck out of my groove, If you see it, please tell it to call home!  Id sure appreciate it!

Since I last posted, my Cricut Expression bit it, My Gypsy never worked correctly, so they are both in the process of being replaced by Provo Craft, and I have an ECraft in route as we speak, So I have plenty to post coming up!  Thanks so much, for hanging on with me and don’t forget to re-follow me here! 

Karen Foster Denim Pockets Paper


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    • These are not the finished project, I thought they were, but I had to do something, I wasnt happy, I redone some, then packaged them up for the swap, Alainah broke my camera, so I just lost heart and didnt take any more pics of them 😦 But life moves on! 🙂

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