Embossing With Stamps


Embossing With Stamps  ***MONEY SAVER***

You will need:

Your stamp for the image

Misting bottle of water

Foam pad or mouse pad

Card Stock

  1. Mist front and back of cardstock, let it set and soak through a couple seconds
  2. Place cardstock on foam pad
  3. Firmly as possible press your stamp into rocking gently back and forth making sure to get edges and corners of image
  4. Remove and let dry, do not use heat gun, it can damage small impressions being its pretty fragile at this point!
  5. Turn it over to the debossed side and lightly brush your stamp pad against the raised impressions

How Pretty is that!  I adore it!

Thanks for baring with me while I switch over.  Please dont forget to re-follow me here. I retyped this thing 3 times before getting it right!!!  I will get it soon though!  Id love to know how to post my directions under each pic, but it didnt happen in the first 2 attempts, so Im giving up for the night!

See you in the morning!  Thanks for stopping by!  Please leave a comment, I love them and I love techniques, if you have one, please let me know where to learn it! 🙂


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