Ode to a dead Cricut


RIP Cricut, I know weve only known one another a short while, and you helped out very often, I do however, want you to know how much I appreciate all the hard work you have given me while you worked for me.  Your maker says they will replace you soon, And I will also have a new friend named ECraft join us.   ECraft is already arriving late,  not looking good as far as first impressions go, I hope he will prove himself in time.  I hope they give me as much enjoyment as you did. Rest little buddy, You were a great friend.

So being that my Cricut bit it, I had to run to a friend to complete a Cut swap, not to mention the baby broke my camera, so I’m going to have to find the receipt, I will be the first to tell you, Electronics don’t, and never have liked me!

I don’t know exactly how to work a Cricut E2, and I frustrate when messing with new technology, she cut them for me.  I think it really has something to do with the fact that she knows technology hates me, and she kinda likes her E2. 

Summer cut Swap for my Alpha Scrappy Scavenger swap group, I chose the dolphin and the Relax title from “Splish Splash”  Cricut Cartridge.  The picture is from my phone, so please be patient untill I can get my behind back to Walmart to do the warranty on that also!  Yes, It’s a mess around here!  I can’t say that this is a new thing!

They are cut at 3 inches, both the dolphin and the Title

Tim Holtz Denim Distress Stickles thinly on the Title

No Heat No Sew Glue smeared  on the background piece where the cut is open.

Big chipped blue glitter was sprinkled on it first then I used Aqua Marine Martha Stewart fine glitter to add interest and texture, also to cover the ugly white between the big flakes or chips of glitter, this is my favorite glitter technique for the big flaked glitter, its beautiful.   Just when yo think glitter can’t get prettier, this technique pulls it off!   

I am hoping my swap partners adore it! (I was late on the swap) sad being its mine LOL.   They understand, since I had an unexpected loss when this swap was voted in 🙂  They have seen what they are getting and do love them.  Some of them may even be telling the truth!!!

Thanks so much  for stopping by and baring with my move from Blogspot. Please don’t forget to re-follow me.


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