Autumn Inspire Tag Book


Foam pumpkin cut in half to lay flush  (Dollar tree spray)

Jolees Autumn sticker set

Diamond Glaze

Moss (Dollar tree)

Tons of Glimmer spray!

Mostly paper Studio Scrap paper, Provo Craft paper pad, A Momenta Paper Pad

Pearls and Gems mostly clear colored in with Bic Mark Its

Craft paper envelope

Rub ons (Mostly K&Co)

The Orange shimmer crinkle ribbon, I made from a thick sheer Orange ribbon, First I dyed it with many different fall colored alcohol inks and let it dry,  I cut it in half, burned lightly all the way down both sides letting it crinkle.  It turned out so pretty, I really wish you could see it better!  The other tag book is much prettier, (This book is made from its left overs 🙂  ) but Im still having trouble posting it.  I am going to continue working on it though.

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  1. Great Job on the Tag Book!! Love everything about it and How hard was it to move your blog? I have been thinking about doing the same thing!! I have followed you for a long time and it is good to see you back and blogging again!!! I have missed your creativeness!!!

    P.S. How is your mom doing?


    • Thank you and it is annoying, Im still trying to figure it out, Mom is up for another Surgery and we are hoping after the long healing, she will be back to normal and I know I will have a hard time keeping up with her then 🙂 Thanks for asking about her! And I will visit your blog after I post tonight! 🙂 Thank you fore re-following me!

    • Krista, put it in my Etsy…um, I am pretty intimidated by my own creations. It never crosses my mind to sale anything except my home made embellishments and supplies! I think, when I feel up to it and have time, I may add them, either they sale or they dont, and I get to keep them or gift them. Thanks for the sweet compliments!

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